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JEAN-PHILIPPE BAHUAUD, CEO The Future Is Neutral changenow 2024
March 22, 2024

The Future Is NEUTRAL presents its solutions at ChangeNOW

Innovation, at the heart of the automotive circular economy
March 21, 2024

Innovation, at the heart of the automotive circular economy

JEAN-PHILIPPE BAHUAUD, CEO of The Future Is NEUTRAL at a changenow conference
July 31, 2023

The Future is NEUTRAL advocates circularity for the automotive sector at ChangeNOW

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The automotive sector is undergoing a profound transformation to limit its impact on the natural resources that are used in the production of new cars.

Despite being 85% recyclable, the car itself is actually the most under-used resource of all in the automotive industry. We’re determined to change that.

our primary

the car itself

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our primary resource
the car itself

Our objective: help the automotive industry move towards neutrality regarding the natural resources that go into the composition of car parts. It is based on the reality that our primary resource is the car itself.

This extraordinary resource is readily available in car-dismantling and industrial waste sites, constantly renewed in large quantities. It only needs to be valued. We are going to do so, by putting back the waist in the production loop, to create environmental and economic value. We want to use old cars to build new ones, without drawing new natural resources.


How we do it
1.8M Tons were recycled in 2023
255 KG were recycled in 2023
1,250 Tons were recycled in 2023
442 Tons were recycled in 2023
How we do it
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The Future Is NEUTRAL™ is the first 360° automotive circular-economy enterprise committed to creating sustainable value by closing the loop, from car to car.

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