The Future is NEUTRAL advocates circularity for the automotive sector at ChangeNOW

The 2023 edition of ChangeNOW, the international event dedicated to environmental solutions was held in Paris last May. At the show, The Future is NEUTRAL was identified as a player driving change within the automotive sector, which is currently undergoing a profound ecological transition. In a speech devoted to the circular economy, Jean-Philippe Bahuaud, CEO, The Future is NEUTRAL, underlined the challenges at stake regarding closed-loop recycling in his field.

Our aim is to make sure the automotive industry decreases the amount of virgin materials they use to produce new cars. In addition to preserving natural resources, circularity is also a solution for car manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint alongside all the work that is done with regards to energy transition and the move towards electric mobility”, said Jean-Philippe Bahuaud, CEO, The Future is NEUTRAL. He was speaking during a session at ChangeNOW devoted to circular economy as a mean to drive transformation of industries.

The Future is NEUTRAL is a holding company that sprung from Renault Group’s environmental activities in October 2022. Its purposes is to offer closed-loop recycling solutions to the automotive industry at each step of the vehicle life-cycle, from the supply of parts and materials to the car’s end of life.

Despite being 85% recyclable, cars only contain between 20 to 30% recycled materials and The Future is NEUTRAL aims at reversing this trend so that more recycled materials go back into the production of new cars, as Jean-Philippe Bahuaud underlined during the ChangeNOW show.


extract from Jean-Philippe Bahuaud’s speaking session at ChangeNOW on 25 May


Jean-Philippe Bahuaud also addressed the challenges at stake regarding circular economy and the automotive industry, mainly having enough sourcing of end-of-life cars materials, the right network of recycling experts, basically the possibility to go at scale so that recycling used car parts is profitable and sustainable enough to make the long run. And this is where The Future is NEUTRAL’s partnerships kick-in, he said, since the company brings together the expertise and track-record of its partners and subsidiaries, each offering end-to-end solutions for recycling, reuse and renovation.