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We help the automotive industry become neutral in terms of its impact on natural resources.

what if ?

70% steel A year’s worth of recycled steel from EOL vehicles could cover ~70% of Europe’s vehicle-production needs
20% plastic By 2030, if we recycle all polypropylene from EOL vehicles, it could cover up to 20% of Europe’s vehicle-production needs
100% copper A year’s worth of recycled copper from EOL vehicles could cover more than all of Europe’s EVs
100% platinium By 2030, if we recycle all platinum from Europe’s EOL vehicle exhaust systems, it could cover more than all of the continent’s automotive needs

words from our leaders

JEAN-PHILIPPE BAHUAUD, DG de The Future Is Neutral
Jean-Philippe Bahuaud

CEO The Future Is NEUTRAL™

“The automotive industry faces a major challenge: despite being largely recyclable (~85%), new vehicles are still mostly made of virgin materials. With The Future is NEUTRAL™ we address this problem by bringing closed recycling loops solutions for every step of the vehicles’ lifetime.”

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Lyonel Rouve

CEO – Specialized Flows – SUEZ

“For decades, SUEZ and Renault Group have built a sustainable partnership based on a shared and pioneering vision of an automotive industry committed to the circular economy. Within our joint subsidiaries – Indra, Boone Comenor Metalimpex – SUEZ uses all of its recycling expertise to transform waste into new resources and participate in the virtuous transformation of this activity. The creation of “The Future is NEUTRAL” marks a new stage in this common commitment and SUEZ teams are proud to continue to meet these major environmental challenges along with Renault Group.”

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Laurent Claude


“For more than 20 years, GAIA has been developing a unique expertise of circular economy applied to the automotive sector, establishing itself as the Swiss Army knife of closed loops for the reuse and recycling of parts and materials. At the heart of the challenges and ambitions of “The Future is NEUTRAL”, GAIA’s agility and experience will have an even greater impact, its activities will experience unprecedented growth, serving the overall efficiency of this industrial ecosystem.”

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Florence Bailleul

CEO, Indra Automobile Recycling

“The Future is NEUTRAL is a global platform that allows us to propel a network of partners specializing in the automotive recycling industry onto the international stage by strengthening the legitimacy of each entity. At Indra, we are particularly proud that the in-depth knowledge we have developed of the entire end-of-life vehicle dismantling sector – a 360° expertise – is recognized in this way.”

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LAURENT BOONE, PDG Boone Comenor Metalimpex
Laurent Boone

CEO, Boone Comenor Metalimpex

“Boone Comenor Metalimpex accompanies the major actors of the automotive industry globally to protect and valorise their resources, to better recover and supply raw materials to their subcontractors. We are completely integrated inside the production sites thanks to the teams, technologies, digital tools offering transparency and tractability, and experts helping them understand markets evolutions. The recovery of metallic materials significantly limits the use of virgin materials. In this way, we are part of The Future is NEUTRAL’s endeavour. Moreover, we calculate for our customers the amount of CO2 unproduced thanks to our joined actions.”

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