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THE FUTURE IS NEUTRAL™ is a new standalone holding enterprise with a portfolio cumulating more than 30 years of experience in automotive recycling. In 2021 our portfolio generated 750M€ worth of profitable Turn Over.

We are the only 360° circular economy solution provider in the automotive industry in Europe. We serve a broad range of customers including car manufacturers, suppliers, insurers and individuals.

a movement
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We are a holding of companies specialized in automotive circular economy. We operate businesses and provide services. We work to become the most used and preferred circular economy enterprise in the automotive world.

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how we stand out


TFIN will leverage on the Mobility Circular Industry campus based at the Refactory of Flins. It caters to students and professionals who want to train in mobility-related trades. It is open to outside organisations, provides innovative training content and learning experiences, and is supporting the transition from linear-economy trades to circular-economy trades.