May 02, 2024

THE REMAKERS: launch of a new european
leader in the refurbishment of automotive parts

THE REMAKERS : naissance d’un nouveau leader européen de la rénovation de pièces automobiles
  • To accelerate its development, with a target of 50% growth in its business by 2030, Renault Group’s parts remanufacturing, based at the Flins Refactory, is joining The Future Is NEUTRAL as a new company.
  • On this occasion, the entity takes a new name, THE REMAKERS, which highlights its expertise in remanufacturing and its ambition on a global scale.
  • With 75 years of know-how, THE REMAKERS offers an expanded range of 9 families of automotive components representing 11,000 references of equivalent quality to new parts, on average 30% more economical for the customer and more environmentally friendly.
  • THE REMAKERS aims to position itself as the European leader in the refurbishment of automotive parts, serving all players in the sector.


Boulogne-Billancourt, 2 May 2024 – The Future Is NEUTRAL is expanding its business portfolio with the integration of the automotive parts remanufacturing activity of the Flins Refactory. At the heart of the automotive circular economy value chain covered by The Future Is NEUTRAL, this activity has strong growth potential allowing it to become a key European player in parts refurbishment, serving the entire automotive sector. On this occasion, it took on a new name: THE REMAKERS.

“The creation of THE REMAKERS opens a new chapter and great prospects for growth. Our ambition is to increase our business by +50% by 2030. To do this, we have many assets: the expertise and recognized quality of our business, the engineering skills associated with those of Renault Group and our strategic plan. THE REMAKERS also benefits from synergies with the Flins Refactory, the first site in Europe dedicated to the circular economy of mobility, as well as from the link with The Future Is NEUTRAL, the first automotive circular economy company operating across the entire value chain in Europe.”  Rafael Tréguer, CEO of THE REMAKERS


THE REMAKERS capitalises on know-how acquired since 1949 and widely recognized on the market. Its mission is to remanufacture automotive components to a level of quality equivalent to the original part, thanks to a combination of refurbished and new parts. This expertise will now be offered to the entire automotive industry, in line with the development and opening strategy of all The Future Is NEUTRAL activities.

Its growth will be supported by The Future Is NEUTRAL’s investment plan, totalling €500 million by 2030, to expand existing businesses and launch new ones. The European replacement parts market is dynamic and has high development potential. Estimated at around €6.8 billion in 2022, it is expected to reach €8.2 billion in 2030[1]. This increase is mainly driven by the aging of the vehicle fleet and the acceleration of electrification. Thanks to the support of Renault Group, a pioneer in electric vehicles, and its skills in reverse engineering, THE REMAKERS is taking a head start in the remanufacturing of electrical and electronic parts and intends to double its investments to anchor its leading position.

A name gathering History and the future

The name THE REMAKERS emphasizes the human, the collective, the expertise and the know-how acquired over time. Derived from the English word “maker“, THE REMAKERS describes those who, through action, give new life to out-of-use parts, a way of putting each of the employees, actors of the circular economy, in the spotlight. Impactful and modern,
THE REMAKERS also illustrates the company’s ambition for international development.

The prefix “RE” carries with it the genes of the circular economy (as in “remanufacturing” or “renovation”) and gives a nod to Renault Group and Refactory, while “THE” makes the link with The Future Is NEUTRAL.


Complementary to original parts and particularly suitable for an older fleet,
THE REMAKERS’ offer represents an alternative that is more environmentally friendly (savings in raw resources, energy and water and less CO2 equivalent emitted compared to the production of a new part) and more economical for the customer (on average 30% cheaper than a new part).

To take advantage of this market growth, THE REMAKERS is implementing a strategic plan that aims to expand its product portfolio and expand partnerships to consolidate its positions in Europe.

THE REMAKERS’ offer already covers 9 product families and includes more than 11,000 references: mechanical parts (engines, gearboxes, turbochargers, injectors), electrical parts (electric motors, power electronics boxes) and electronic parts (multimedia systems). THE REMAKERS aims to accelerate the launch of new parts on the market, in particular to support the growth of the hybrid and electric fleet. This is demonstrated by the announcement of the first electric vehicle engine remanufacturing offer in Europe (March 2024), as well as other projects under development on power electronics, with the support and expertise of recognized players.

[1] According to Deloitte’s market model, which was developed using data from ACEA, CLEPA and other external sources as well as insights from automotive industry experts.



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Innovation, at the heart of the automotive circular economy

Innovation, at the heart of the automotive circular economy

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